Europe housing price statistics

House Price Index

The House Price Index (HPI) shows the price changes of residential properties, both newly-built and existing ones. The below data describes the change of HPI between the second quarter of 2019 and the same quarter of 2018. Index for the euro area and the EU are calculated by Eurostat, while countries HPI's are computed by national statistical institutes.

House prices rose by 4.2% in both the euro area and the EU. The biggest price growth was in Hungary (14%) whereas prices declined only in Italy (-0.2%).

House price index - annual rates of change 2018Q2 - 2019Q2 (Source)

Square metre prices in premier city centre

Residential square metre prices published by the Global Property Guide. Average per square metre (sq. m.) prices in EUR of 120-sq. m. apartments located in the centre of the most important city of each country, either the administrative capital, financial capital or the centre of the rental market.

Square metre prices, premier city centre, EUR (Source)
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